Our People

Meet our team

One Team, Many Parts

At L&E, our skilled team of benders, machinists, welders, fabricators, and office support staff is the backbone of our operation. For almost 60 years, their passion, hard work and aptitude have been the building blocks of our success. The respect they have for the work that we all do is evidenced by the uncompromising work ethic that consistently drives value for our customers and has made Lafarge & Egge a go-to parts and assemblies manufacturer for clients in the Pacific Northwest and throughout the world.

Our Leadership

Supporting the people who drive our business

At Lafarge & Egge, the role of leadership is to build a better culture for our workers, plain and simple. This means that it is on us to set and model a standard of excellence and to provide our shop and office staff with the equipment, information, and training they need to perform their best work safely, efficiently, and to the satisfaction of the customer who are counting on us as contributors to the success of their businesses.

To this end, we stay anchored in our values of inclusion and equality, accountability, responsibility and integrity, flexibility and continual improvement as well as big picture strategy, and ultimately, shared success. We know that it is our shared values which form the foundation of the success that fuels us—the success of our business, of each employee, each customer and each and every project.

Bryan Luttrell

Lynnwood, WA HQ
(425) 778-4123

Lindsey Mullins
Vice President

Lynnwood, WA HQ
(425) 778-4123

David Lacy
GM, QM Lafarge & Egge

Lynnwood, WA
(425) 778-4123

Tim Stabio
Quality Manager, Clackamas Welding Division

Clackamas, OR

Chris Kilmer
Welding Foreman, Clackamas Welding Division

Clackamas, OR

Tyler Haist
Manufacturing Manager, Lafarge & Egge

Lynnwood, WA
(425) 778-4123

Felix Garcia
Estimating Manager Lafarge & Egge
Rebecca Larsen
Materials Manager
Tamara Messer
Accounting Manager

Hard-working people.
Hard-working parts.

Our tubing, welding and machining teams work cohesively to execute on projects requiring integration of services from one or more or our capabilities, or they can work separately to address jobs that call for the specialized services of a particular division. Regardless of the level of integration needed, Lafarge & Egge employees work diligently to provide consistently high quality customer service while meeting the requisite codes and specifications for each job.