Our Legacy

For over 50 years

we’ve been getting the job done.

Lafarge & Egge was founded in 1962 in Edmonds, WA. Originally a small, family-oriented, company, we quickly became know as a for sheet metal fabrication and the manufacture of quality tubing for the aerospace industry. Since then, we’ve grown…

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We serve great clients that challenge us every day.


We hire employees that love a challenge.

These are the folks that make it happen. They keep us connected to our customers and grounded in our community.

L&E started out as a little sheet metal and tubing company.

But then we realized

We’re really, really good at tubing.

In 2008, when the Graham Capital Group (another Seattle family) decided to purchase L&E, it was because they saw a legacy company and a workforce with a great reputation, rare industry knowledge, and most importantly, promise. We’d evolved to meet client needs before. They were certain we could do it again.


it was time to grow

Our clients wanted and needed more. So, in 2012, Lafarge & Egge acquired Clackamas Welding, a reputable Portland-area welding division doing business since 1982. With some of the most talented welders in the northwest, this team works on some of the most difficult, mission critical weld projects.

And then, we grew some more

In 2015, primed for taking on even more complex project work, we acquired Alpha Precision. In business since 1988, we knew this customer-first, locally grown precision machining team shared our values and had the skill to take us to the next level.

Over the years,

We’ve evolved to better meet our customers’ needs.

A commitment to our customers is a commitment to our ourselves. With each passing year, we continue to grow and improve our facilities, our capabilities, our knowledge, and ourselves.

As we’ve grown, so has our customer base.

Industries served in 1962

Lafarge & Egge has a long-standing reputation as an accomplished and trusted aerospace supplier.

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Industries served today

We proudly serve global and domestic manufacturers and OEMs in a broad range of industries. We’ve come a long way!

We’ve even won some awards

This success has inspired us to work even harder.

As we look forward to the next 50 years, we renew our commitment to

Getting better and better every day…

And to doing the quality work that makes our clients happy and makes us proud to be

Thanks to our wonderful clients, employees, and partners who make us better with each passing day.