Clackamas Welding Receives AS9100 D Accreditation

Recently, OEMs and Primes like Boeing and GE have been more aggressively assessing and flowing down the need to properly analyze risk to ensure continuity and stability in the supply chain. The recent changes to AS9100 revision D are based on risk-based thinking and marks a significant shift in compliance for the aerospace supply chain.

Lafarge and Egge’s welding division, Clackamas Welding, was recently audited for AS9100 D compliance by the Nancy LeClerc Brown, PRI Lead Auditor and rocket scientist formerly of GE Aviation and Honeywell. Clackamas performed wonderfully, and Nancy provided expert guidance in terms of AS9100 D Compliance. Nancy stated that she was “quite impressed with the variety of welding expertise and resources Clackamas had at its disposal.”

We are happy to announce that Clackamas Welding is the first of Lafarge and Egge’s 3 facilities to receive AS9100 D accreditation:

Clackamas Welding is focused primarily on tube assemblies for the Lafarge and Egge facility but also offers a vast array of welding services including offload production support, offsite consult, and more. Please contact us at or for more information.


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